OOOH! It's a good story


I’m Elizabeth,  and I have been cooking and baking my whole life.  My culinary journey started on a stool which boosted my 5-year-old self just high enough to be able to “help” my mother in the kitchen. Later in life,  when I was tall enough to reach the counter without assistance, I opened a baking company called Elizabeth’s Moments of Joy out of my commercial kitchen in Gilbert, AZ. Within months, we were named an editor’s pick for ‘Best of the Valley’ in Phoenix Magazine.

One of our most popular items at Elizabeth’s Moments of Joy was “Daddy’s Nut Brittle.” So popular in fact, that in addition to being sold online, it was picked up by four retail locations. People would buy multiple bags at a time — we were often told stories of family members who hoarded the brittle, absolutely refusing to share!

Although my baking career was literally and figuratively on the back burner, I never stopped cooking, baking, or performing culinary experiments.  From time to time I’d make a batch of that nut brittle — to send to family, or friends, or just for myself — when one day it occurred to me: this base concoction would probably taste fantastic on popcorn. So I tested it. And shared some more. The reaction was universal: “OMG, this is amazing!”, ”You HAVE to package and sell this!”, “This is sooooooooo good!”

I know that sweets are most people's happy food. And as a person, I know we've all been looking for a reason to smile recently. Post-sheltering in place and everything else we’ve been through over the last couple of years, I was inspired to bring something delicious – and FUN – into the world. Now that we’re finally emerging from isolation, we deserve to gather with great company and great food to remind ourselves of the joy that already surrounds us and there are happier times still to come.

If I can help you with anything, please contact me using the email: I look forward to hearing from you!